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Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids


CALTEX Chevron® Way Lubricant

Way Lubricant is a proven performance machine tool slideway lubricant, designed to reduce friction and drag, stick-slip and machine tool chatter. It also offers good demulsification stability and coolant separation performance. Way Lubricant is formulated with highly refined mineral base oils, combined with EP additives, friction modifiers, anti-rust and corrosion additives and thickening agents

Soluble Oil

Soluble Oil D is an efficient performance general purpose soluble oil, formulated with selected base oils, coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers. It forms a very stable emulsion even when mixed with relatively hard water. Soluble Oil D is formulated with significant levels of detergency agents and reserve alkalinity, low foaming tendencies and biocides to help combat the wide spectrum of bacteria found in sumps and reservoirs. 

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