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Turbine Oil

Turbine Oil


GST Premium 32

GST® Premium turbine oil has exceptional thermal and oxidative stability and approved for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (erstwhile Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) MS04- MA-CL002. It is suitable for use in gas and steam turbines where extreme temperatures are experienced and require circulation systems with exceptional high temperature stability.


GST® Oil is a premium performance, turbine oil formulated from premium base oils plus rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors. Designed primarily for use in industrial gas and steam turbines it is also suited to many other industrial applications including air compression where R&O type oils are recommended.

CALTEX Chevron® Synthetic Turbine Oil SGT

Chevron Synthetic Turbine Oil SGT is designed for use in modified aviation-type gas turbines in non-aviation stationary applications such as in industrial power generation and in marine service.

Regal R &O

Regal® R&O is an inhibited turbine oil formulated from highly refined base stocks and rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors.

Available in ISO grades 32, 46, 68, and 100

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