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CALTEX Havoline® Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant

Havoline® Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a single phase, ethylene glycol antifreeze/coolants based on an aliphatic corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate, a premix 50/50 and a premix 33/67. 

CALTEX Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor

Havoline® Xtended Life Inhibitor is a high performance environmentally sensitive coolant and corrosion inhibitor. It is based on extended-life organic acid Carboxylate technologies, and should be mixed at 7.5% by volume with water. It is suitable for use in automotive, marine, stationary and power generation cooling systems where glycol-based antifreeze coolants are not required.

SA-Havoline Anti-Freeze Coolant